Setting Up with Shopware 6

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start a project?

By selecting a service package, your email program will open, and you can use the template for your inquiry. The more information you provide, the better! You will receive a response with the next steps.

What is the project process?

Typically, you, as the client, are involved only at the beginning of the project. Initially, the goal is to define the requirements as precisely as possible. Afterward, you can sit back and wait for the results or intermediate results.

Is choosing a package binding?

No, choosing a package is just an initial contact. By selecting a package, you are only submitting a non-binding project inquiry. The packages are solely for general categorization.

Why is it 'starting from' x euros?

Certain included services cannot be standardized and depend on the requirements. If, for example, you need 10 landing pages, the price will be different from a client who only needs the homepage. The same applies to custom programming.

What are the client's responsibilities in the project?

I really only need a list of requirements, and I'll make the best of it. Keep it simple and efficient! These requirements are defined at the start of the project and should not change during the project to avoid 'project chaos.'

What happens after the project? Is there support?

Even after the project, we can continue working together. If you use a theme from me, you already have free theme support through the Shopware Store. Otherwise, you can contact me anytime, and we'll find a solution!